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Don't Let Users Be Local Admins

Don't let users be administrators of their own computers. It is quite common to let users be members of their local administrators group in order for them to be able to install software themselves. This is not a good idea.

The reason users should not be allowed to be admins is not primarily that you don't trust your users. Hackers, however, are likely to be able to use the credentials of the currently logged on user. For the same reason, you should not use your own administrative account, unless you really are administrating computers.

If you really want your users to be able to install software themselves, consider giving them a local account with administrative privileges in addition to their normal domain account. The fact that the account is local makes the users less likely to use it for their daily work.

Be sure to tell them that they may only use their administrative account for certain well-defined tasks, such as installing software. Make an effort to explain to them why. Most users will follow the rules if they make sense to them.


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