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Anti-Virus Scanners

Install anti-virus software in your mail server. The mail server is one of the most serious security threat to most organizations. Anti-virus software will at least protect you against most of the known vulnerabilities and viruses. It will usually be no match for a hacker, though.

Consider using a web proxy with virus protection software as well. Software downloaded from the Internet can be just as virus infected as e-mails. However, one of the problems with internet traffic is that it can be easily encrypted, rendering the virus scanner in the web proxy useless. There are other problems as well. The web traffic is interactive, while e-mails get sent and received in the background.

Talking about downloading software from the Internet - never trust the software you receive from the Internet, even if it comes from a company you trust. Unless the application is digitally signed, there is no guarantee that it hasn't been modified on the way to you, or by someone hacking into the web server that you are downloading it from.


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