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About Abtrusion Security

Abtrusion Security develops and sells software products for intrusion and virus protection on the Windows platform. The company also provides services related to intrusion protection and corporate information security. The company is incorporated in Sweden. It is privately held and located in Avesta, with the office of the board of directors in Stockholm.

The first product in the company product line is the launch protection product Abtrusion Protector. It protects a computer by preventing software to run unless it has been safely installed or explicitly allowed. This provides very efficient protection against many kinds of hacker attacks and computer viruses.

The company was founded with a mission of finding new and robust ways to protect computers and computer networks that are constantly connected to the Internet. Old trusted security protection mechanisms, such as firewalls and anti-virus scanners are no longer sufficient to protect computers and networks in a reliable way.

The Future Speaks for Abtrusion Security

Every day new vulnerabilities are found and reported - vulnerabilities that could be and are exploited by hackers. Every day several new viruses are released into the wild. Many corporate system administrators spend a large part of their time updating virus definitions and deploying software patches. Still they get hit with severe security breaches from time to time.

The former trend has been towards network-centric security measures, such as increasingly intelligent firewalls and intrusion detection systems. We believe, however, that the trend is about to turn. As bandwidth keeps increasing, encryption becomes more widely deployed and the number of known vulnerabilities grow, network-centric solutions will have a hard time to cope. At the same time, most computers have excess CPU capacity available and are in a much better position to take necessary security measures. The personal firewall is just an example of the migration towards computer-centric protection.

Digital signatures are slowly getting adopted as a means of establishing the authenticity of computer software. In the not too distant future, we may have a situation where all reputable software vendors digitally sign their software, and where running software without a digital signature is the exception rather than the rule. Abtrusion Security is ideally positioned to take advantage of this development.