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Virus Protection with Abtrusion Protector

Abtrusion Protector is a security software that can be used to protect you against viruses. It will load in the background, very early in the boot process and will be practically invisible most of the time.

Abtrusion Protector works according to the white-list approach. It protects your computer by making sure that no software that has been tampered with or installed without your knowledge can be executed. Only software that has been explicitly permitted or safely installed is allowed to start.

Abtrusion Protector maintains a database of digital thumbprints of all the programs, dynamic link libraries and other software files that are allowed. Whenever Windows tries to start an application or load an executable file, Abtrusion Protector first verifies that the file is recognized. If it is not, Windows is not allowed to load the it.


Protect Your Computer from Hackers and VirusesDownload Intrusion Protection Software

Abtrusion Protector stops viruses and hacker tools on your computer. Only software that you have safely installed is allowed to start.

Contrary to normal antivirus scanners, Abtrusion Protector does not require you to update virus definition databases to protect you against the latest viruses.

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Whenever you intend to install new software, you will first have to tell Abtrusion Protector to allow the new software to run. In a network environment this can be administered at a central site.

Abtrusion Protector does not depend on recognizing viruses, hacker tools or behavioral patterns. It is a robust software that will work just as well against existing viruses as against new ones. And it will not require you to subscribe to any virus definition updates.

While Abtrusion Protector provides good protection against a wide range of security threats, we don't recommend that you throw out your existing anti-virus scanner. Abtrusion Protector does not protect you against macro viruses that can infect certain files, such as Microsoft Word documents. Although macro-viruses only constitute about one percent of all viruses, it is good practice to continue to use a normal anti-virus scanner in your mail server to check incoming e-mails for known macro viruses. It is also a good idea to continue to install security patches and service packs from your software vendors.

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