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How does Abtrusion Protector protect my computer?


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Does Abtrusion Protector protect me against the BugBear virus?


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Does Abtrusion Protector protect me against buffer overflow attacks?


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Does Abtrusion Protector protect me against buffer overflow attacks?

Buffer overflows are one of the most common tools used by a hacker to gain control of the target computer. In a typical buffer overflow attack, a bug in an application allows the hacker to execute a small amount of arbitrary code. Often this code is used to download other applications that can then be used to take control of the computer. However, in principle, a buffer overflow could be used to execute any kind of code directly.

Abtrusion Protector will prevent buffer overflow attacks that download and run other software. However, it currently does not provide any generic protection against all kinds of buffer overflow attacks. You should not rely on Abtrusion Protector as your only defense against buffer overflow vulnerabilities. One of the best ways to protect yourself against buffer overflows is to install security patches from your software vendors, as soon as they become available.