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How does Abtrusion Protector protect my computer?


What are the system requirements for Abtrusion Protector?


How does Abtrusion Protector know which software should be allowed to run?


What if I am already hacked? What if I am already infected by a virus?


Does Abtrusion Protector protect me against the BugBear virus?


Does Abtrusion Protector protect me from macro viruses?


Does Abtrusion Protector protect me against buffer overflow attacks?


What is the difference between Abtrusion Protector and Software Restriction Policies?


How do I obtain Abtrusion Protector?


What if two files have the same digital thumbprint?


How does Abtrusion Protector affect the performance of my computer?


Will Abtrusion Protector make my notebook computer run out of batteries faster?



What are the system requirements for Abtrusion Protector?

Abtrusion Protector requires Windows NT 4.0 or later (Windows 2000, Windows XP).

If using Windows NT 4.0, at least service pack 6a and Internet Explorer 4.01 is required. We recommend Internet Explorer 5 for complete functionality. Abtrusion Protector also requires TCP/IP network support and Windows Installer 2.0. If Windows Installer 2.0 is not installed, a self-extracting executable installation that installs Windows Installer prior to installing Abtrusion Protector is available.

Abtrusion Protector will need about 10 Mb on your system hard disk. In addition it will need about 50 Mb of temporary disk space to work well.

Abtrusion Protector will use about 10 Mb of virtual memory during normal operation. Normally, this is no problem, but if your computer already has insufficient RAM, this may reduce the performance. It is impossible to give any guidelines here, though, as memory requirements depend a lot upon which Windows version and what other applications that you are running. (Note that applications often use much more virtual memory than the amount of physical RAM in your computer. Windows will use its hard disks to make up for the difference.)