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Abtrusion Protector for Corporate Management

Security is an issue for corporate management. Ultimately, management is responsible for the effects of a hacker attack or a virus outbreak. While management of most companies take computer security seriously these days, it is still important to point out that security professionals need to be taken seriously too. Threats are very real and the days are long passed when setting up a firewall was all it took to secure a corporate network.

Abtrusion Protector is not just another security product. It works in a way very different from other security products on the market. Set-up correctly it provides very good protection against the most serious security threats of today. That said, no security product will provide complete protection - far from it. In order to provides reasonable protection, several different complementary security technologies will have to be implemented. Abtrusion Protector is one such technology.

What does Abtrusion Protector do?

Abtrusion Protector prevents software that hasn't been safely installed on a computer to run. It is as simple as that. Whenever an application or other software component is about to be loaded, Abtrusion Protector first verifies that it is allowed to start. If it isn't Abtrusion Protector won't let it.

How does this protect us?

Abtrusion Protector will not allow viruses, hacker tools and other malicious software to run unless you explicitly tell it to. In a corporate network, you can decide who are trusted to allow new software. You can also automatically trust digitally signed software from selected software vendors in order to keep the administrative effort down.

With Abtrusion Protector, it doesn't matter how the viruses or hacker tools reached your network. It is all the same if they came by e-mail, by someone hacking your web server, a burglar breaking in to the server room, an employee downloading software from the Internet or a home office user dialing in to the corporate network. Abtrusion Protector will protect the network the same way regardless.