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Abtrusion Protector

  When your computer is connected to the Internet, it is constantly exposed to threats of hackers and viruses. Each day, several new viruses are released to the Internet, and each day several new security vulnerabilities are discovered - vulnerabilities that could potentially be used by hackers trying to take over your computer or your network.

If you have a firewall and an anti-virus scanner installed you have some protection against these threats, but you protection is far from complete.

  • A firewall will only protect your computer against certain specific threats. It will not protect you when you are surfing the net or when you receive e-mail. If you have a web server or an e-mail server, it will not protect you against many types of vulnerabilities in the server program that could be exploited by hackers.

  • An anti-virus scanner only protects you against known viruses. Whenever a new virus is released, your anti-virus scanner has to be updated to protect against it. No matter how often you update your anti-virus scanner's virus definitions, there will always be viruses out there, against which it won't yet protect you.

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