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Why can't I use RegEdit to change the Abtrusion Protector settings?


I would like to move the Abtrusion Protector files to another folder.


What if I am already hacked? What if I am already infected by a virus?



What if I am already hacked? What if I am already infected by a virus?

If your computer has already been infected by a virus or if your computer has already been hacked, just installing Abtrusion Protector will not make it safe. The only way to be completely sure that your computer is not compromised is to format your hard disks, re-install all software and then restore all non-executable files from your backup system. However, that is a lot of work.

Abtrusion Protector can help you track all your files back to the installation media from which they came. That way it is possible to locate executable files on your hard disks that have changed or that cannot be accounted for.

If you find a file that cannot be accounted for, you can deny that file the right to execute. If you are not sure about a particular file, it is good practice to un-install the software that the file seems to belong to, remove the file if it is still there, and then re-install the software again. It is a bit of work, but much less than installing everything from scratch.

It is also good practice to scan your system for viruses just prior to installing Abtrusion Protector. You can use a normal anti-virus scanner (with updated virus definitions) or an online scanner, such as the free Trend Micro HouseCall.