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Abtrusion Protector for System Administrators

Abtrusion Protector is designed with the system administrator in mind. It includes remote administration tools and also supports distributed administration. Abtrusion Protector enables the system administrator to control which software is allowed to be executed in the network, but it also provides the flexibility of allowing combinations of central and local management.


Abtrusion Protector is setup using Windows Installer and fully supports silent installation. This allows Abtrusion Protector to be deployed easily in large networks. Parameters needed to allow central administration can be provided on the command line when starting the installation.


Licenses for Abtrusion Protector can be managed centrally, using Abtrusion License Manager.

How much resources does it take to manage Abtrusion Protector?

Abtrusion Protector requires a certain amount of effort to manage. But unlike other launch protection software, Abtrusion Protector is designed with simple management in mind. In fact, one of the reasons we give our software away to home users is that we want to make it so simple to use that anyone will be able to use it. We are not quite there yet, but we value the input from our personal edition users very much.

Abtrusion Protector normally does require you to tell it which software to allow, but there are several features that keep the administrative effort down. In normal operation, you will never have to deal with launch rights for individual files, although the capability to allow or deny an specific file the right to execute is certainly there.

  • Abtrusion Protector can be told to automatically allow digitally signed code from trusted software vendors. Software installed by signed self-extracting installations can be automatically allowed to execute. Microsoft distributes many of its patches, updates and service packs as self-extracting installations.
  • If installations using Windows Installer are secured, Abtrusion Protector can be told to automatically allow all software installed by Windows Installer.
  • Launch permissions can be managed centrally using Abtrusion Protector Settings Server. Several Abtrusion Protector Settings Servers can also be connected in hierarchies. This allows large organizations to manage software launch rights at several different locations. For example launch rights for software used at a single department can be allowed to execute at that department only.
  • Sophisticated users can be permitted to allow software to execute on their own computers.
  • The amount of user interface provided by Abtrusion Protector can be configured to suit the level of sophistication of the users and the management model selected. Abtrusion Protector automatically limits the amount of user interface shown to unprivileged users.
  • Abtrusion Protector also allows support personnel to manage launch rights locally on a computer from a normal user account. When launch rights are saved, the user is prompted for an administrative user account and password before the new launch rights are accepted.